Nagoya University Writing Center


[How to reserve a tutorial appointment]

Step 1: Read the terms and conditions and Agree with them.
Step 2: Choose a service from a list of choices. Please see this information for tutor's languages and profiles.
Step 3: Select the tutor and the desired date and time.
Step 4: Enter the ‘ADD YOUR DETAILS’.
Step 5: Wait for the confirmation email from us.

Note: If the tutor selected is not available on the desired day and time, please send an email to Mei-writing office,, and let us know your details, (i) the tutor’s name, (ii) the desired day and time of the tutorial appointment and (iii) tutorial language. If you do not know which tutor you should choose, we will assign a tutor to you accordingly.


ステップ2:選択肢から言語を選択下さい。指導教員の言語、プロフィールに関しては こちらをご覧ください。
ステップ4:「ADD YOUR DETAILS」に必要事項を記入して下さい。