Nagoya University Writing Center

Our Concept

"Mei-Writing aims to help its students publish their research by improving their logical thinking skills rather than merely language skills."

What Is Special About Mei-Writing?

Mei-Writing is founded on the belief that the most fundamental objective of an academic research paper is to convince its readers to accept the paper’s thesis statement by demonstrating the logical supports that lead to the thesis statement. Our education goal is to help students publish their research paper. For this purpose, we ask our students to develop, in writing the paper, a clear research idea and a logical argument that provides a convincing support for the idea. Our overall pedagogy focuses on teaching our students how to bridge the gap between writing and thinking. Under this approach, students learn how to think logically so that their thoughts can be expressed properly through words. We offer courses in English, Chinese, French, German.

Mei-Writing Concept Chart

The Logical Writing Process Cycle

The Logical Writing Process Cycle, or LWPC, is a highly original pedagogy designed to bridge the gap between writing and thinking in producing an academic research paper. It is composed of four cyclical stages. Stage 1 is to develop a central research idea that can be clearly expressed in just one sentence. Stage 2 is to develop a logical argument based on the idea through finding the premise or premises that can provide a convincing support for the idea. Stage 3 integrates the outcomes of stage 1 and 2 into a succinct logical structure of the paper that specifies the research’s motivation, main task, method, and results. Stage 4 is a detailed elaboration of stage 3, which covers a detailed explanation about (i) why the research was carried out (Introduction section), (ii) how the research was carried out (Method sections), what was found in the research (Results and Discussion sections), (iii) how the future research might proceed from here (Conclusion section).

The Logical Writing Process Cycle

Teaching Resources

Mei-Writing is composed of teaching staff with (special) skills in Logical Thinking, English, Japanese, French, and Chinese (Mandarin). We also welcome graduate students to join us and work as tutorial specialists or TAs.