For Prospective Nagoya University Students

Striving to Cultivate Creative Courageous Intellectuals with Humanitarian Values

Nagoya University leverages its capabilities as a comprehensive national university to provide a liberal arts education that will help its students develop academic abilities with a full respect of human values. As the center for liberal arts education, the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences makes an ongoing effort to improve the quality of the university's educational programs.

Strengthening Four-Year Integrated Education

In order to systematically meet individual needs and the objectives of each school (department), since 1994, Nagoya University provides an integrated educational program using a four-year curriculum (six-year curriculum for the Department of Medicine, School of Medicine).

Students admitted to each school take mandatory foundational courses and liberal arts courses that nurture broad knowledge, as well as seminars and lectures in their fields of specialization starting from their first year. Making full use of a comprehensive university, many of the liberal arts courses deal with issues common to all humanity. This enables students to study subjects most appropriate for their first year in college.

In 2003, Nagoya University replaced its traditional general education courses with an updated curriculum of foundational courses and liberal arts courses. The University has strived to further expand and reinforce its four-year integrated education under the liberal arts education umbrella in which the entire university is responsible for educational content and teaching.

Cultivating Comprehensive, Independent Decision-Making Ability

Nagoya University has implemented numerous educational reforms in order to educate students with advanced specialized expertise with a healthy respect for human values nurtured through broader perspectives and independent decision-making ability. Students first must have a firm footing in order to acquire advance expertise. The liberal arts program is the educational system designed to do this.

TWhile a university education includes some fields that are closely linked to high-school education — mathematics and natural and basic sciences being notable examples--it is clear that other fields provide somewhat different perspectives or ways of thinking than those presented in high school. In view of this, the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences include foundational courses in the humanities and sciences, together with first year seminars that help students adjust to academic life on campus. Once students acquire the basic academic skills needed to function effectively in college, they take liberal arts courses where they can gain a wide range of knowledge. Some of these foundational courses are directly linked to students' areas of specialization while others fall into allied fields. Furthermore, liberal arts courses include both humanities and science courses, such as liberal education courses in interdisciplinary fields, whose goal is to foster understanding required by both students in the humanities and sciences. We have adopted this cross-over style curriculum, in which humanities students study science and science students study humanities. This is done to foster broader perspectives, necessary for effective decision-making.

In addition, Nagoya University has established a system of open courses that make use of being a comprehensive university. Open courses at each school can be taken by students in other schools. This approach meets students’ desires for diverse learning opportunities.

Another important aspect of our liberal arts education is that it promotes internationalization. We hope to contribute to achieving this goal by teaching foreign languages and culture. The University's foundational Language and Culture courses are designed to do this. Health and sports science courses are also provided to promote lifelong health in contemporary society and to help students learn the benefits of physical activity while acquiring skills needed to participate in select sports.