Lecturer Shinki Oyabu

Lecturer Shinki Oyabu

  • Department: Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Email: oyabu (at) ilas (dot) nagoya-u.ac.jp
  • Phone: (052) 789-5946
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  • Observational astronomy
  • Active galactic nuclei
  • Infrared galaxies


  • 1997 Kyoto University, Faculty of Science graduated
  • 2003 the University of Tokyo, Graduate school of science, PhD

Courses Taught:

  • Laboratory in Physics


  • Active galactic nuclei
  • Infrared galaxies
  • Instrumentation development

Professional Experiences:

  • 2003/04-2005/03 the University of Tokyo, Institute of Astronomy, Postdoc fellow
  • 2005/04-2010/03 Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency, Postdoc fellow
  • 2010/04-2010/07 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Subaru telescope, AO scientist
  • 2010/08-2016/03 Nagoya University, Graduate School of Science, Division of Particle and Astrophysical Science, Assistant professor
  • 2016/04- Nagoya University, Institute of Liberal Arts and Science, Lecturer