Associate Professor NUSKE Kyle

Designated Associate Professor NUSKE Kyle

  • Department: Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Email: kylenuske (at) ilas (dot)
  • Phone: (052) 789 - 4808
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  • Language teacher training
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Ideologies of English in Japan


  • Doctor of Philosophy: English: Composition and TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA (2014).
  • Master of Arts: English: Composition and Rhetoric, Wright State University, Dayton, OH (2006).
  • Bachelor of Arts: Rhetoric, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana-Champaign, IL (2004).

Courses Taught:

  • Academic English Communication
  • Academic English Intermediate
  • Special English Seminar: Writing
  • Special English Seminar: Presentation
  • Special English Seminar: Reading

Research Interests:

  • Language teacher training
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Ideologies of English in Japan

Professional Experience:

Teaching History:
  • Designated Associate Professor - Nagoya University, 2016-present.
  • Assistant Professor - The University of New Mexico-Gallup, 2015-2016.
  • Adjunct Faculty Member - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2013-2015.
  • Teaching Associate - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2011-2013.
  • Instructor - American Language Institute, 2010-2014.
Selected publications:
  • Nuske, K. (in press). “Critical Friends: How to develop effective critical friends PD groups.” In J. Liontis (Ed.), The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching. New York, NY: Wiley.
  • Nuske, K. (in press). “Novice practitioners’ views on the applicability of postmethod and critical pedagogy in Saudi EFL contexts.” In L. Buckingham (Ed.), Language, Identity, and Education: The Place of English in Society in Arab Gulf States. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.
  • Nuske, K. (2015). Transformation and stasis: Two case studies of critical teacher education in TESOL. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies 12(4), 283-312.
  • Nuske, K. (2014). “It is very hard for teachers to make changes to policies that have become so solidified”: Teacher resistance at corporate eikaiwa franchises in Japan. The Asian EFL Journal 16 (2), 105-131.
Selected conference presentations:
  • Nuske, K. (2015, March.) “I just figured out I’m discriminating against my own people”: multilingual graduate students’ shifting perceptions of localized Englishes. Paper presented at the 2015 American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference, Toronto, Canda.
  • Nuske, K. (2014, March). Resistance, subversion, and oppression in the kingdom: A critical discourse analysis of Saudi teachers’ perceptions of English proficiency. Paper presented at the 2014 American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference, Portland, OR.
  • Nuske, K. (2013, March). What does it mean to be a critical language teacher? : Investigating graduate students’ situated understandings of criticality. Paper presented at the 2013 American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference, Dallas, TX.
  • Nuske, K. (2013, March). Intercultural rhetoric: Ideologies of cultural comparison and pedagogical applications in ESL writing classrooms. Paper presented at the 2013 Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Oda, T., & Nuske, K. (2010, July). World Englishes in Japanese EFL classrooms: How to see the world through YouTube. Paper presented at the 16th annual Conference of the International Association for World Englishes, Vancouver, BC.